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Date: 25th May 2015
Prominent Web Design Errors That Should Be Strictly Avoided

In todays past paced life where internet serves as a prominent part of existence, websites play a crucial role in the marketing and branding of almost all small and large enterprises. A simple yet unnoticeable glitch in the website design can directly impact customer relationship, thereby leaving a negative effect on the business objectives in the long run.
The following are some of the prominent website design errors that you should avoid in order to engage more and more clients to the website and uphold a convenient user-experience.

  • Weak Internal Links and Navigation

One of the major aspects of web design that often go unnoticed is usability. It is crucial to note that a systematically designed internal linking and navigation system ensures that a user can reach all the crucial parts of the website without much effort. Complicated navigation can make the entire experience highly frustrating for the visitors. Thus, any specific bit of information that a visitor searches for, should be readily available. While opting for professional web design services, the client should clarify the objectives of the business, so that it is easier for the designer to design according to the requirement. For instance, while opting for professional web design services in Melbourne, one should properly discuss about the business goals and objectives with the assigned professional. This helps one to witness a successful project outcome. 

  • Complicated Call To Action

A visitor buys a specific product or service, contacts the representatives, or subscribes for the newsletter through the call to action buttons. Thus, if they are not designed properly then the business might go on to the verge of losing valuable customers. The website should thoroughly guide a visitor to perform a decisive action which later would lead to conversion. It is important to note that the call to action buttons actually turns a prospective visitor to a customer and it serves as a gateway through which a visitor actually buys something.   

  • Flashy and Complicated Design

The main objective behind web design is to market a company’s brand name, product and services. This is why the design should not be flashy or overdone; rather it should be professional and precise at the same time.  Flashy websites do not look good on mobile devices and considering the fact that mobile internet usage has grown significantly, one should strictly restrict from making ostentatious web designs that repel visitors.

  • Outdated Content Including Grammar and Vocabulary Errors

Content plays a crucial role in the success of a website. It is crucial to note that outdated or invalid content repels the potential customers from the website. Moreover, spelling mistakes and errors in grammar makes a website look unprofessional and it also lowers the credibility. Thus, one should pay special attention to a proper content management system while designing a website.

  • Lack of Strategic Targeting

The design of the website should always be targeted. One should always remember that trying to accommodate every type of customer might jeopardise the business objectives on the long run. Thus, the design should be made entirely to meet the needs and preferences of the target audience.

These are some of the prominent mistakes that one should avoid while designing a website. Designing the website doesn’t end the job itself, proper optimization is essential. This is why opting for a SEO company in Melbourne that offer web design services prove to be a better decision.

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